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Excel Training

The Excel Training is aimed at people who are already using Excel, but would like to know much more. The basics are covered first, starting with the User Interface, explaining terminology and continuing with formatting, formulas, conditional logic, data validation, charts, tables, printing and lots more. After completion of this interactive training course, the attendee will have the knowledge to be much more productive in using Excel for most tasks in the workplace.


These are some of the sections covered in the training:

  • User Interface
  • Menus, Ribbons & Terminology
  • Entering, Editing & Formatting data
  • Formulas & Functions
  • Custom Lists & Named Ranges
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Tools
  • Lookups & Conditional Logic
  • Charts & Graphics
  • Pivot Tables & Tables





This training is normally presented at a conference venue over a period of 3 days with a maximum of 20 attendees per session, but companies can also supply a venue and have their employees trained on site at a reduced cost per delegate.


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